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Workers Compensation

95% of workers compensation claims require orthopedic intervention. We know how important your employees and their well-being are to you. We offer the opportunity to skip the long delay to see an orthopedic specialist. Our providers have over 50 years of experience in treating broken bones, sprains, cuts, and more. We want to use that experience to treat your employees immediately.

What a partnership means for you and your employees:

  • Injured employees take priority
  • Same day appointments
  • Beginning treatment the same day
  • Treatment plan and work restrictions completed and sent immediately
  • Employees return to full function sooner

Why partner with us:

Outcomes are better for employees who continue working following injury, even restricted duty. At each appointment, a work restriction form is completed by the provider and sent back to your office immediately. This will allow you to determine if you have a job that your employee can perform within those restrictions.

We have onsite digital x-ray and ultrasound to help diagnose and treat patients. These diagnostic tools help our providers identify the problem, so the proper treatment can begin immediately.

Non-orthopedic work injuries:

In the event your employee should need to be treated by a primary care provider (inhalation injury, brain injury, blood-borne pathogen injury, etc.), they will be brought across the parking lot to Woodlands Family Medicine. ­­­

We pride ourselves on efficiency with the Workers Compensation program and would love to partner with you to treat your injured workers. Contact us to become part of our VIP Employer Group. We offer after hours and weekend emergency consultation to those involved in our program.